N.E.W. Answering Service, LLC
P.O. Box 454, Marinette WI 54143
Ofc# 715 735-3263 or Fax# 855 638-3717
email: newanswering@gmail.com

   N.E.W. Answering Service, LLC is a home based business that was established in 1997 when the company I worked at for 10 years was sold to a company that moved the office out of the area.  

   This is when N.E.W. Answering Service, LLC., came in to existence. There were also other displaced employees due to the sale of the business who were looking for some type of work.  We all enjoyed working together as well as enjoyed the type of work we did.  

   It is now 20 years later and at this time we are 4 home based business’s.  We are an affiliated force of dedicated, down home, professional, courteous and well-seasoned people whose main goal is to serve our clients. 

   N.E.W. Answering Service, LLC serves clients throughout our United States of America.  Our clients are of all types.  Ranging from the plumber who repairs your plumbing pipes to the medical service of the on call cardiologist who fix's your pipes.  We have  dentists, and veterinarians, as well as all types of service companies ranging from retail stores and sole proprietors, HVAC, construction, attorneys, utility company’s, trucking company’s funeral homes, counseling centers and well drillers (we also work with quite a few non-profit agencies). 

   We are an Answering Service who is determined to provide its clients with longevity opposed to turn over!  We have clients who consider us an extension of themselves, and who utilize our back up service during regular business hours.  We are their 'virtual' receptionist! 

   You can be assured that our operators won’t be late for work, as we are all dedicated business owners just like you.  No worry about vehicles breaking down or having a sick child, which often makes it difficult for employees to get to work, or being 'snowed in'.  The winter of 2014 provided us the opportunity to 'direct' calls to our customers employees who could not get in to work due to the snow, but were able to work at home.

    We also have the capability of adding operators in emergency situations in a matter of minutes.       All affiliates are willing to ‘jump in’ and help each other out during high volume times as well as emergency/urgent situations with our clients office arise.  

   We also provide 

*800”s to forward your office lines to.

long distance is on us.  

  Our services include: 

*24/7 service 

*Business hours 

after hours

* weekends

*back up service during business hours

*temporary services.  

   We work with you to customize the service you need.